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Was machen wir nach der Arbeit?

Prof. Dr. phil. Armin Nassehi

HENN Akademie, May 14, 2014

In physics, work is the product of force and distance travelled. Combined with the aspect of time, work becomes power - the shorter the time taken for a specific quantum of work, the greater the power output. Therefore at work we are still measuring outputs, distances, times and attendances, as well as their spatial densities. Only: do we still work in the same way as when we physically measured work? And do we perform in accordance with these simple categories of time and attendance?

Not very likely - and therefore it is worth asking what we will actually do after work - after that work which we continue to measure today as if it were still what it has been since the 18th/19th centuries, but which now has to demonstrate completely different aspects of quality than the qualities of traditional work. Perhaps we must confront today's work with art and, at least in our thoughts, transform work into art - another discourse of the 19th century, but one which must likewise be managed in a new way. So - what will we do after work? Work. But differently.

Prof. Dr. phil. Armin Nassehi born in 1960 in Tübingen, grew up in Munich, Teheran and Gelsenkirchen. Studied philosophy. Sociology and Education in Münster and Hagen. 1992 awarded a doctorate and 1994 post doctoral dissertation in sociology. Since 1998 appointed to Chair I for sociology at the Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich. His areas of work include cultural sociology, sociology of knowledge and political sociology. At the same time he is a lecturer and consultant to companies in different sectors.

Armin Nassehi
Prof. Dr. phil.