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Social Responsibility

AddYouCation is a charity initiative founded by HENN and dedicated to supporting school projects in regions where they are needed most. It guarantees the realisation of projects by providing professional support on site.

In 2009 AddYouCation took an active role in helping to build the St. Catherine Senior High School in Ghana which has become its' flagship project. It is the only secondary school for girls in this region which is governed responsibly. AddYouCation is committed to realising building structures on campus as well as supporting sponsorships in order to enable the future development of the boarding school. In 2011 the construction of the first dormitory on site was financed and supervised by AddYouCation. A great part of the construction of the third dormitory was financed by AddYouCation in 2014. The building will now be completed with a final donation, so that 580 current students can live on the school campus. AddYouCation's efforts are supported by members, sponsors and donors.

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