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Gerrit Engel

1996 – 2010

HENN Gallery, October 8 - December 23, 2012

In the first retrospective of work by Gerrit Engel, HENN Gallery is showing extracts from the photographer’s most important exhibition over the last 15 years. The exhibition includes Buffalo Grain Elevators (1997), Marzahn (1999), Manhattan NEW YORK (2006), Berlin (2009) and the previously unexhibited Palast der Republik (2009). The exhibition is designed as an installation with a focus on thematic and stylistic aspects featuring the most characteristic examples of Gerrit Engel’s work.

The portrait studies of buildings are one of the main focal points of Engel’s photography. They reflect the photographer’s objective, sober and yet sympathetic eye for his subjects, raising their individual character with sculptural and iconic qualities. As in his highly acclaimed debut Buffalo Grain Elevators, Engel in his urban projects captures an image of architectural history that is full of social and political significance.