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BMW „Pilotproject M51“

Dr. Herbert Grebenc

HENN Akademie, January 30, 2014

New worlds of employment require change: from personalised workstation to desk sharing – more or less, from desktop PC to mobile IT solution – more or less, from classic office interior to innovative office - scape – more or less, from stationary office space to flexible work option – more or less, from standard working hours to masterful time tracking – more or less. …and a crucial change in leadership culture – not more or less, but indispensable. No culture change – no new world of employment. BMW’s M51 pilot is to find out if this simple formula can be translated into practice. A status report.

Dr. Herbert Grebenc (born 1957) is the Head of Real Estate, Facility Management and Corporate Security at BMW Group.

Herbert Grebenc