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Jamaraat Masterplan

Mina near Mecca in Saudi Arabia is the site of the Islamic holy place and pilgrimage goal Jamarat. It consists of three historical pillars at which every Moslem must throw a total of 49 stones at least once in his life according to a certain rite. Thus fulfilling in part the duties stipulated in the Koran. The Jamarat passage is only accessible for three days the year during the hajj in which several million people must pass through for the pilgrimage.  The challenge of the assignment is focused on a design that allows a large capacity of pilgrims to pass the holy place. 
The New Jamarat project in Mina is an example of “form follows flow”. The design consists of a concrete and stone structure of several storeys serving as a processional path for the faithful masses walking at a slow, concentrated pace. The pathways correspond to the topology of the valley. Eight metre high storeys, multi-storey ramps and wide floor spans make it possible to experience the cosmic, ritual knowledge of a collective. One additional focus of this project is the climatic aspect. For this reason, a reinforced concrete construction with high heat storage capacity is to be built.

Ministry of Public Works and Housing
400 000 m²