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BER Airport Car Parks

For the new Berlin Brandenburg airport, four multi-storey car park buildings and a rental car centre were created. With their uniform cubature, the buildings harmonize with the clear, symmetrical layout of the overall airport complex. The individual levels are reached via spindle-shaped ascents and descents with generously sized skylights. In combination with the transparent building envelope, these produce a high level of daylight on the individual levels, thereby ensuring that access to the buildings is both bright and pleasant. The façade of the buildings have different requirements, however are brought together with the same underlying principle of the network structure.

As a result, the building reinforcements and various forms of bracing are taken over in the façade by a continuous network of cross-storey tie rods. These are adapted in terms of their diameter to the respective load case. The fall protection, the guided reflection of the radar beams and the design of the safety line are provided by means of a two-dimensional stainless steel network at the level of the façade with an adapted mesh size in each case. Visual and weather protection is achieved through the use of a fine coated mesh PTFE fabric on the outside of the façade. This material, used for the first time for the façade of a naturally ventilated multi-storey car park, has shown during a fire smoke test to have a higher ventilation cross-section than standard multi-storey car park façades. Therefore allowing the possibility for the structures to stand without any mechanical ventilation.

Berlin, DE
Flughafen Berlin-Brandenburg
313 000 m²