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Lower Saxony Center for Biomedical Technology and Implant Research

The Lower Saxony Centre for Biomedical Technology, Implant Research and Development in Hanover (NIFE) comprises offices and laboratory rooms for four scientific departments engaged in the development of medical implants in the fields of hearing, neurosurgery, cardiovascular systems, dentistry and orthopaedics. The two new buildings on the edge of the campus of the Hanover Medical School provide a floor area of 17,400 m² with integrated workplaces for up to 300 employees. The three-storey laboratory building on Stadtfelddamm and the rearward two-storey animal unit are linked by a walkway. The defining element of the design is a continuous main central axis. This central movement and supply route emphasises the entrance area on the roadside and provides users with a simple means of orientation within the building. The entrace connects to two light wells and four usage areas. Communication zones along the axis encourage the exchange of knowledge and promote interdisciplinary cooperation. The two-storey hall offers additional public areas on the first floor via the main axis. The glazed official and informal meeting rooms in this area create a communicative environment that can be used flexibly by all research groups. The laboratories and office workstations are arranged together on the first floor around the light wells and along the external façades.The research and development centre presents a dark perforated façade clad with fibre cement to the outside world. The new building makes an important contribution to Hanover’s profile of excellence as a leading centre in the field of medical technology.

Assmann Beraten+Planen, Inros Lackner, Teamplan, , ZWP Ingenieur-AG, iPb – Ingenieurbüro Planung Blei, IBB - Ingenieurbüro für Brandschutz von Bauarten, Inros Lackner (Landscape architecture)

Hannover, DE
Staatliches Baumanagement Hannover
17 400 m²