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Max Planck Institute

Interactive building complex for brain research: The Max Planck Institute for Brain Research is located on the Riedberg Campus in Frankfurt am Main. The design for this state-of-the-art research complex consists of two elongated and compact buildings, with long axes running approximately north to south, and short axes at an angle, aligned with the slant of the plot. A central open "foyer" links up the two buildings.

Bridges, galleries and floating boxes serve as communal space for meetings, exchanges and impromptu discussions among scientists and staff. The four-storey research building is separated into an office area and a highly equipped laboratory zone with flexible and divisible space for research. The two upper floors house the four departments. The ground floor houses the administrative offices, the central scientific facilities and the laboratories of the independent research groups.

ISP Scholz Beratende Ingenieure (Structural engineering), H + S Ingenieure (MEP), IKM Ingenieurbüro Möller + Partner (Laboratory design), tfi Ingenieure (Electrical engineering), Müller-BBM (Building physics), IFP - Integrale Fassadenplanung Weber (Facade planning), LA.BAR Landschaftsarchitekten (Landscape architecture)

19 800 m²
1st Prize