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Research Centre

The University Hospital Essen occupies a leading position for clinical research in the nationwide ranking of German universities. For the Faculty of Medicine, the new Medical Research Centre building marks another milestone in that development: Following the hand­over of the building at the end of 2010 scientists and medical staff from the young field of translational research – the investigation of new biomarkers and the conversion of preclinical data – will for the first time share a building in which they can work together for the duration of their research projects.

The ultramodern laboratory building is spread over five storeys and offers 3750 sqm of space for experimental workrooms, S2 safety laboratories, cardiovascular and isotope la­­boratories and teaching facilities. By widening the main stairwell it has been possible to create a building-high foyer surrounded by galleries. On the entrance side of the building, a large section of the strictly geometrical block structure has been cut out and draws attention to the framed expanse of green colouring which extends over all the levels. The green colour code continues inside the building and marks a vivid contrast to the more subdued colour scheme in the laboratory areas.

Essen, DE
Universitätsklinikum Essen
7 230 m²