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Westlake University

The Westlake University is a new institution of higher education, a world-class, research-oriented private university. In Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, the future Westlake University has the mission to put China on the international map of science and technology research. It will be a vibrant research environment, active day and night. Each school will have a building with a distinct identity, clustered together to maximize communication, exchange of ideas, and innovation.
All schools connect to a unifying Academic Loop building. This building houses programs such as social and meeting spaces, seminar rooms, and laboratory areas. It also defines a central park for the institution: a beautiful garden for contemplation and social events.

Enclosing the dense core of the Academic Loop and the school buildings is the Water Loop. It defines the heart of the institution. Twelve bridges cross along its length, connecting the center with the residential zones. They invite students and visitors to explore and indulge their curiosity.

The residential buildings for students and faculty nest in a larger Landscape Loop. They are within nature, next to the water, and close to the Academic Loop. The Landscape Loop provides a variety of residential environments and rich quality of life outside of the academic core.

The Westlake University is a place in which students, faculty, and researchers can lead productive and rich lives. They will bring together their different backgrounds and experiences to form a world-class research institution.

WES LandschaftsArchitektur (Landscape architecture)

Hangzhou, CN
Westlake University
694 000 m²
1st Prize, 2017
completed by 2022