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Faculty Mechanical Engineering

1997 was the year of creation of a knowledge city for the TU München, Technische Fakultät in Garching (Faculty for Mechanical Engineering), comprising seven institutes with 28 chairs. During a building phase of three years only the university complex providing more than 50,000 square metres of main net floor area was realised. According to the facetted requirements of a modern university the new building was structured into communication and concentration areas. The "Philosophy of Communication" marks the order, orientation and room structure of the building complex of urban elegance.

A 220m long faculty road which networks all seven institutes defines the physical and communicative backbone of the overall architectural concept. Just as for a busy street transport, traffic and many movements take place on this magistral. All central facilities such as library, three auditoriums, six seminar buildings, shops, cafeteria and a kindergarten are attached to this spine. The four-storey institutes open with double doors onto the central road axis. The institute's brackets embrace the drawing rooms, auditoriums and seminar premises of diverse design. These cubes take up the "Street and Home" theme in an ever new path and visual rapport. Bridges acting as links, galleries, windows and the transparency of the various levels underline the visual link.

BETEK Bau- und Energietechnik (Project management), Sailer Stepan und Partner (Structural engineering), KBP Ingenieure (MEP), PRO-Elektroplan (Electrical engineering), Bartenbach LichtLabor (Lighting design), Gottfried und Anton Hansjakob Landschaftsarchitekten (Landscape architecture), PMI (Building physics), ING Nusko (Mapping), Dipl.-Ing. K. Klingsohr (Fire protection)

Garching, DE
Technische Universität München
127 240 m²