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Osram Headquarters

Walter Henn completed the administration building, the research and development centre and the power facilities block for the light bulb manufacturer Osram in 1965. The ensemble stands on Candidstraße near the Isar water meadows and is the global corporate headquarters.

As is evident in particular from its appearance, the six-storey administration building is based on a square plan layout, which is inspired in terms of functionality and aesthetic by international modern architecture. The standalone steel-framed structure is designed for open-plan offices so that new layouts can be introduced quickly if necessary to adapt to different use, improve communications or speed up the flow of information. Therefore the above-ground storeys contain open-plan offices capable of accommodating up to 850 employees in freely configurable working landscapes. The necessary social and ancillary rooms as well as the vertical circulation routes of the building are located in a reinforced concrete core. The ground floor is reserved for other functions; it houses a canteen and a large reception hall as well as special offices. The main entrance on the south side is recognisable to the outside world by a long cantilevering steel canopy. The external appearance of the fully air-conditioned steel skeletal-framed building is defined by the suspended light-metal facade with the balustrade panels and the fixed double glazing running in bands along the building and accentuated by vertical, silver-grey anodised glazing bars. White light-metal external lamellae provide protection against solar radiation. As befitting the corporate activities of Osram, the building looks like a transparent silvery glistening cube, which emits light from within during the evening hours.

Photos 1-11 by Heinrich Heidersberger

Munich, DE
22 260 m²
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