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rbb Media House and Campus

With the construction of the new rbb Media House, HENN would mark a new milestone in German broadcasting history. The "Media Factory" and the newsroom are imagined to become the new pulsating centre of German radio and media production, creating a multifunctional space for creative networking and innovative collaboration.
The new construction would offer a unique opportunity to renew the entire site in a way that is sensitive to the monument and sustainable, and to transform it into an open, experienceable cultural landscape in which participative processes and interdisciplinary exchange are made possible. Accordingly, the architects develop the competition design based on the topics of communication and networking: In the sense of a "cross-media media house", hierarchies and fixed clusters would be dismantled, and instead multifunctional workplaces would allow maximum flexibility and could thus react to the rapidly changing media landscape.
The cubature of the building would be divided into three zones: Firstly, the base zone, which would integrate all functional areas such as studio, data centre, workshops and warehouse. Secondly, a floating ring for the "Publish and Distribution" areas, which is depicted as an arena around the newsroom and would connect the listed ensemble with the new building. Thirdly, the interface in between: the newsroom of rbb. This generous media landscape is imagined to allow for a flexible arrangement of communication and concentration areas and to form the identity-building centre at the end of the main corridor.
All office spaces are structurally and technically designed in such a way that they would guarantee a high degree of flexibility in the sense of a contemporary loft building and would continuously adapt to the dynamics of the contemporary and future "cross-media" working world.

Berlin, DE
Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg
20 000 m²
1st Prize