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IHM Innovation Center

With the Innovation Center of High Performance Medical Devices, the company for groundbreaking medical technology is getting a new headquarters and start-up incubator building in Guangzhou. As a renowned manufacturer of 3D printed, regenerative and implantable medical devices and components, the company is at the forefront of high-tech innovation in the biomedical field. In the heart of Guangzhou's bio-tech district, HENN is developing a hybrid office and laboratory building that functions both as a headquarters and communication centre, and as a development and production platform for start-ups. 

The design concept of the "Knowledge Weave" permeates the entire project and symbolizes the future and growth-oriented vision of the company. In the X-shaped structure, three zones separated by sky gardens unfold from bottom to top, analogous to the development process of an idea towards its application. First the public "testing" area with its own show laboratory, then the development floors with multifunctional rooms, and finally the headquarters and office areas. 

Two development cores span the vertical air spaces in the centre of the building. The spacious green spaces between the zones will be used as recreation areas for the employees and for events. 

The facade plays with the contrast between the recessed, transparent surfaces and the translucent areas facing outwards. The cuts allow insights to be gained into the company's diverse working environments and for them in turn to have an external impact. A special design feature is the interplay between one- and two-storey spaces. This creates a spirally interwoven spatial continuum that connects the different working areas with each other.

Chuang Jing Med.
59 000 m²