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Brainergy Hub

The new Brainergy Hub is the centerpiece of the Brainergy Campus in Jülich, a platform for creativity and innovation and a beacon project for sustainable design. Thanks to its modular design, the building forms a flexible framework that allows for adaptability, growth and different uses.
The round building form clearly identifies the Brainergy Hub as the main building block of the campus. It hovers above the landscape, forming arcades that extend along the entire perimeter and are accessible from all cardinal directions. The building form creates an interlocking relationship between architecture and nature - the landscape washes around the body of the building, creating a seamless unity between the north and south of the site. Photovoltaic panels are located on the roof and facade. The panels on the façade rotate with the sun around the building during the day for optimized energy production.
The building provides a layered zoning of different workstation types, starting with the communicative core in the center, then the floor-based special spaces, and finally the concentrated workspaces at the perimeter of the building. Thus, both open areas and enclosed spaces can be located, providing space for individuals to retreat and focus. The flexible office modules and intermediate zones can be adapted as needed.

Happold Ingenieurbüro, Latz + Partner

Jülich, DE
Brainergy Park Jülich GmbH
9 450 m²
1st Prize