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Porsche Design Studio

In the new design building of the Porsche AG, functional areas that have to work together intensively in the early phase of product development are combined. In the basement and in the second level, the models are prepared. A direct access to the adjacent wind tunnel was also created there. Above the workshops, there is the styling area with the two large, double-storey studios. Between the studios runs a spine housing the service functions.

A work level for the designers is created on the spine, from which the processes in the studios can be observed. In the centre of the spine, an open staircase connects the designers’ and the studio levels. This is a space for numerous encounters and exchange between the functional areas. Therefore the staircase has its own qualities and provides for different sojourn options, and it is the real centre of the building.

Apart from the styling area, the presentation area was created as a separate, clearly discernible cubature and set off by means of a glazed entrance. The vehicles can be driven directly to the outside from the presentation area and thus assessed in different situations. Just like the façades and the inside space, the creened courtyard also constitutes a neutral background which avoids every reference to vehicle shapes with its straight lines, right angles and constructional structures. 

Sailer Stepan und Partner (Structural engineering), Jühling & Partner (Landscape architecture), Fact (MEP), Ingenieurbüro Marco Weckwerth (Fire protection), WPW GEO.Ingenieure (Infrastructure planning), PMI (Building physics)

Weissach, DE
Porsche AG
21 600 m²