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Hyundai Design Centre

The Hyundai Motor Company is in the process of expanding its Design Centre in Seoul by a new design and studio area and a screened courtyard in which new vehicle models can be assessed in daylight. An architectural solution around vehicle design processes must provide optimum lighting conditions while at the same time guaranteeing comprehensive shielding from view. The conditions must enable designers to view and examine vehicle models in their original size from a larger distance.

Both the thoroughly modernized preexisting buildings and the new buildings of the Centre receive a uniform, translucent façade while at the same time presenting a clearly distinguishable cubature. The main entrance is accentuated by a cantilevered building part. The roof level includes three green inner courtyards which serve to relax and inspire the staff.

Lumen³ (Lighting design)

Hyundai Architects and Engineers Association
Namyang, KR
Hyundai Motor Company
30 000 m²