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Kingdee Tower

The 210 meter high office tower is to be built on an empty site, filling the narrowest of spaces at the Kingdee software company location. The pentagonal floor plan is extended several times in height and in different directions thereby creating projections on the façade. Restaurants and conference rooms will be developed at these levels. On the whole, the utilisation of space on the limited site will be maximised.

To create an optimal balance between perspective and shade, the façade elements are deployed in ten forms. According to the calculated intensity of the sun at a specific point on the building envelope and depending on the function of the effective area on the floor, its structure and transparency vary. The façade folds open increasingly as the building ascends. The closed parts facing the sun increase and ensure appropriate shade and optimum use of energy under the challenging climatic conditions of the tropical city.

Shenzhen Capol International & Associates Co. Ltd.
Shenzhen, CN
Kingdee International Software Group Company Limited
107 753 m²
1. Prize