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Haikou Tower South

Construction of the Haikou Tower South in the new business district of the south Chinese metropolis Haikou began in 2016 and is due to be completed by 2022. At a height of 428 metres, this will be the tallest building on the island and the centre of the new business district. The tower is located in front of an extensive plaza surrounded by green landscapes and water features, extending along the Eastern Guo Xing Road, which is the main east-west axis of the city. Form and stucture of the tower is determined by the close interaction between programme and structural requirements. The support structure consists essentially of eight megacolumns which are installed in pairs at the corners of the building and which separate and converge with one other in a staggered arrangement as the height varies. The form of the pinnacle was inspired by the shape of a lotus flower; the force lines of the support structure turn back towards each other; no line is interrupted; movement is free-flowing. Diamond-shaped diagonal struts are formed in the façade and deflect wind and torsion forces. 40 % of the tower above ground intended for residential use, 35 % for offices, 8 % for commercial and 17 % for a hotel at the tip. Additional commercial and MEP areas as well as parking is planned below ground. The office spaces have large-span ceiling panels and self-supporting interior rooms. The lobby of the hotel is located on the 68th floor, the rooms between the 73rd and 87th floor. At the point of transition from office to hotel, the core of the high-rise building opens up onto a full-height atrium. The tower structure is topped off by a sky lounge platforms and an observation platform. The shading panels in the façade are parametrically adapted to the tropical course of the sun and ensure a constructively optimised influx of light.

ARUP (Structural engineering), WSP Deutschland AG (Elevator planning), KWP Konstruct West Partners (Facade planning)

IPPR International Engineering Company Ltd
Haikou, CN
Hainan Airlines
388 000 m²
completed by 2022