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Stryker Innovation Center

With the “Innovation Center”, Stryker is expanding its current plant, located south of Freiburg in Bresgau. The American company manufactures, among other things, neurotechnological products, prostheses, surgical instruments as well as operation robots. The location resulted from the acquisition of a producer of titanium plate for oral and maxillofacial surgery, in 1998.
The new five-storey building with a square layout provides space for 380 employees. The rooms on the upper floors which are designed for concentrated working, together with the areas for permanent employees, are arranged along the façades (“focus”). In the middle, each level has a rectangular atrium where employees from diverse disciplines work together on varying projects (“team”). The floors in this area have have triangular openings, which are offset storey-wise from each other in a clockwise direction so that floor-to-floor perspectives develop, creating awareness between the projects. A spiral staircase connects the project levels over short distances and opens out on the ground floor to form a stepped podium which can be used as a Speaker’s Corner. Along with a restaurant and meeting rooms, the ground floor is mainly used for public functions. This is where diverse project themes become visible. A “clinic” has been established in the middle, a demonstration operating room, in which the products are presented to clients in a simulated environment.
The technical precision of the company’s products is reflected in the finely-patterned façade. Sharp-edged white metal frames enclose the glazing and focus attention on the Stryker Innovation Center. Thus the new building becomes the “main address”.

Prof. Pfeifer und Partner (Structural engineering), IP Innovatives Planen (MEP), Rehatec (Electrical engineering), Alexander Over Landschaftsarchitekt (Landscape architecture), PMI (Building physics)

Freiburg, DE
Stryker Leibinger GmbH & Co. KG
8 500 m²