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Škoda Modular Factory

The first fractal factory was built for Škoda automobilova in Mlada Boleslav in the Czech Republic. The new assembly plant implements the philosophy of modular structures. The structural pattern is illustrated by the so-called "spine", the central nerve of the factory concept – through which all control commands pass. This central development and production axis helps process the automotive production through a synergetic interaction in a networked partial system in smaller regulatory quality circles.

This spine arranges team rooms, try-out areas, meeting rooms, social facilities as well as workstations of the works management, personnel and the engineers. The functional modules are at the centre – on the same level as the production lines. Hereby communication – not of hierarchic, but fractal structure – takes on a carrying role. The flow of information between production and offices takes place without physical hurdles or timely delays, and enables every employee an optimal and obvious process orientation.

KBP Ingenieure (MEP), schlaich bergermann partner – sbp (Structural engineering), Ingenieurbüro Knab (Lighting design), Ingenieurbüro Knab (Electrical engineering)

37 600 m²