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Dream Plaza

Located next to the IFC A Tower, the Dream Plaza occupies a prominent location within the new CBD in Haikou. The challenge was to create the first double highrise commercial project in the world, that provides entertainment and education for children and services for parents. Due to the challenging functional programme, the resulting building is incredibly complex. The goal was to combine play-oriented learning and education in a user-centered structure that would work as a highrise building. Additionally, the principle is that all programmes should be seen through a child’s eye. The method used to arrive at an architectural typology was to create a parallel with popular video games, which are both engaging and challenging for children and adults. Terms such as “multiple ground planes,” “sky plaza” and “epicenter” are further explored and implemented into the design of the new building.
The complex consists of a 160-meter tower and another 220-meter tower that are connected by spacious bridges on certain levels. The bridges bind the towers at the lobby levels
of each primary programmatic zone. They also serve as a support for a loop circulation within each zone and through the towers. The idea is to multiply the ground level along the tower heights, reducing the monotonous experience of the typical tower and core configuration. The towers also house multiple voids in between their split core, as well as in different areas along the façade. They create both exciting interior spaces and a unique façade configuration. It becomes a window to the inner compound, animated throughout the day by its main users, the children.

IPPR International Engineering Company Ltd (MEP), WSP Deutschland AG (Elevator planning)

IPPR International Engineering Company Ltd
Haikou, CN
Hainan Airlines
282 200 m²