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The central idea behind the design is an encircling, crossed over and apparently never-ending band. Cast in concrete, it picks out the tectonics of the buildings as a central theme. It is the constructed transformation of a matrix, the translation into concrete form of the idea to generate knowledge in rooms that are formed by overlays and intersections.

The structural and organisational heart of the MobileLifeCampus is at the centre. The campus has a glazed-over atrium that rises over four floors and to which all paths lead. Open staircases permit direct contact and communication with each other. Conscious linking of the pathways underscores the openness of the campus. The seminar rooms are freely grouped around the atrium and extend upwards, to varying heights, into the centre.

Werner Sobek (Structural engineering), Kardorff Ingenieure Lichtplanung (Lighting design), Topotek 1 (Landscape architecture), HHP Nord/Ost (Fire protection), NEK ENERGY (MEP), Werner Sobek (Facade planning)

25 400 m²