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The entrance of the Autostadt Wolfsburg is oriented toward the south. A pedestrian bridge extends the historic city’s axis across Mittellandkanal and links the city of Wolfsburg with Autostadt Wolfsburg. It leads directly to the portal of the KonzernForum. As the reception hall of the KonzernForum the Piazza creates the first large space in the Autostadt Wolfsburg. Six high, pivoting glass doors directed toward the south constitute as flat pillars: the gate to the city of Wolfsburg. A further six glass doors to the north create the entrance to the Autostadt Wolfsburg. The doors are vaulted like aircraft doors and tend to be open. This open pillar architecture can be seen as a modern translation of historic hall construction which dates back to classic antiquity. To close the hall, the glass doors are turned in like lamellas of a blind. Between the glass pillars lies the Piazza as a high spacious room.

The town planning elements repeat themselves in this high room similar to an orangery. The hall is the carrying structure of events such as secretive coloured cubes, restaurants, cinemas and movie attractions. While the events change and renew in time, the hall, as a representative of the Volkswagen Group, remains consistent in its structure. In co-operation with Tony Chi & Associates, New York and United Designers, London (Restaurant Konzernforum) and Virgile & Stone Associates, London (Retail Konzernforum). 

Jack Rouse Associates (Architects), Tony Chi & Associates (Interior design), United Designers Ltd. (Interior design), Virgile & Stone Associates (Interior design), Planungsgruppe Dröge Baade Drescher (Structural engineering), HL-Technik AG (MEP)

31 100 m²