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Audi Museum Mobile

The Audi factory premises which is comprised primarily of works, halls and automotive production is acquiring a new centre and public space with the new Audi Forum. Whereas the constantly growing working premises were almost isolated from the public for many years, the restructured town planning achieves a consistent physical implementation of the company's opening up to the outside. The lively forum mediates a touch of urbanity with its architecture and generous space. In close co-operation and collaboration with the building owners an architectural language was developed whose transparency visualises the internal flows, turning toward the public.

The brand identity becomes visible in the building's language and is transported to the outside. The Museum Mobile is the three-dimensional content hub of the building ensemble on the Audi Forum. In terms of town planning it formulates the entrance to the works premises, in terms of content it realises such expressions as transparency and mobility.

Prof. Dr. Vittorio Magnago Lampugnani, Tony Chi & Associates, KMS Team, Spectral, IGW Ingenieurgruppe Walter, Hussak Ingenieurgesellschaft, IGE | Ingenieurgesellschaft für Elektrotechnik, Sailer Stepan und Partner, KBP Ingenieure, PMI, Event Logistik

9 600 m²