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Tongyeong Camp Mare

Camp Mare is a new district in the city of Tongyeong (South Korea). Located on the site of a former shipyard, it celebrates its heritage by reusing several of the industrial structures on the site at the same time as introducing a range of new programmes and buildings to create a hub for craftsmanship, tourism, research and development, and living.

Camp Mare‘s site is bordered to the north by the water and to the south by picturesque Mountains. The waterfront is extended by the addition of two rectilinear bays that carve into the dockyard. The mountainous landscape in the south gets connected by two parks to the waterfront. The project is divided into five distinct districts. Each neighbourhood has its own unique character, resulting from a mixture of programmes and buildings. They are all connected by a lively public waterfront.

Tongyeong’s identity as a maker city is the DNA of Camp Mare. It borrows from the city’s traditional arts and crafts, its culinary culture and its tradition in shipbuilding. This rich heritage is complemented by the introduction of new technologies, research facilities, cultural activities, touristic attractions and waterfront living.

The overall program consists of the so called “12 Schools”. Their goal is to drive innovation and to generate a new industrial ecosystem for the city and region. Each neighbourhood houses multiple Schools. Each of them revolves around the stages of an industrial cycle: research and development, design, production, testing, marketing and sales.

Camp Mare is a dynamic, colourful, and lively new district in Tongyeong. It sets the basis for the regeneration and future development of the city.

Korea Land and Housing Corporation
510 000 m²
1st prize