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Forum Deutsche Sprache

The new forum takes its visitors on a spatial journey through the cultural medium of the German language. The goal is to make all facets of the German language tangible and experienceable for a wide audience and to encourage the visitors' involvement in science. The building is characterized by its openness, transparency and clarity: in the middle of a translucent building shell, a cube hovers surrounded by an open communication environment, designed for science and citizen involvement.  

The transparent ground floor enables a flowing transition between the new building and the old fairground, creating easy accessibility and a visual relationship to the riverside of the Neckar. A new meeting space is created and extended into the interior of the building. The central atrium connects the first two levels of the publicly accessible area, the adjacent spaces serve as an exchange point and communication platform for all guests. These areas function as a central contact point for the visitors as well as the starting and ending point of the permanent exhibition. The atrium connects the areas of the special exhibition, the communication and survey areas, in addition to the daycare and elementary school zones. A public staircase leads visitors beyond the permanent exhibition up to the roof garden.

Happold Ingenieurbüro, Nees-Ingenieure

Mannheim, DE
Klaus Tschira Stiftung GmbH
4 800 m²
1st Prize