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Inselspital Masterplan

The masterplan for the internationally renowned Hospital in Bern describes the structural development of the area up to the year 2060. In order to react as flexibly as possible to economic, ecological and social requirements in the future, the framework conditions enable short-term operational measures and the provision of a binding control instrument for the room strategy that allows specific alternatives to be planned.

The final processing step involves the concretisation of the masterplan with respect to the new layout of the area in accordance to building law and makes a recommendation concerning which building plots should be developed in an initial execution stage by the year 2025. During the development of the 2025 scenario, focus was placed on the functional and spatial requirements of the hospital. Simultaneously, the hospital submitted a study with an operational and funding concept, which could provide the impetus for assigning the first three building plots.

The chosen plan is to upgrade the intensive care, emergency and surgery centre into the functional centre of the area by locating newly formed speciality clinics in the immediate vicinity. The new buildings erected on the three plots are to be in operation between 2020 and 2025. Before then, HENN will be involved in preparing the public offer competitions for the building plots on the basis of a framework agreement.

Bern, CH
Universitätsspital Bern
600 000 m²