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The construction of the FIZ realised the following aims: firstly the restructuring of all the functional areas of the BMW group in Munich and the concentration at two locations, the high-rise and FIZ.
Secondly the spatial bringing together of all important functional areas related to product development.
Thirdly the introduction of more flexible forms of organisation and the promotion of greater interdisciplinary communication based on the principles of project management.

The individual office and workshop buildings and the associated functions were built over time in several construction phases so that production development, from bodyshell design, progressing over chassis and suspension to encompass pilot works, could remain in effective operation at every stage of the project. The offices form the main buildings with internal linking blocks obtaining their light from above, 5- and 4-storey with basements and set-back technical services installations on their roofs. The useful floor area per storey of 1150m² is comparable with that of the BMW high-rise. It is constructed in reinforced concrete. The suspended rear-ventilated facade with its exterior solar protection has a module size of 1.20m, which allows subdivision into 60cm wide windows and balustrades.
Munich, DE
BMW Group
345 800 m²