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Zhuhai Terminal

Hengqin, CN

The coastal city of Zhuhai lies along an important border crossing between China’s Special Administrative Region of Macau and the mainland of the People’s Republic. The metropolitan area, which is currently dominated by agriculture, will be structurally developed in the coming years. The Hengquin Terminal aims to represent the entry point to this developing area and the rapid increase of traffic flow that expects 25 million cross-border commuters for 2030.

The design concept focuses on easing the traffic situation by controlling the flow of trains, buses, cars and pedestrians in order to enable efficient circulation of citizens and travellers. In doing so, routes will be created on multiple levels alongside shopping areas, making the complex a lively meeting place and cultural destination in addition to its original function.

The entire complex is covered by a continuous roof surface, which architecturally emphasises the urban relevance of the transit location. In order to maximise its span, the structure - which is designed as a gridshell - is supported by bundled and inclined steel columns. The variable openings in the roof diagrid pattern respond to the underlying space allocation plan. As the exterior spaces receive coverage and shading by the closed roof surfaces, the roof surface also opens in various degrees allowing a corresponding level of daylight into the interior spaces.

City of Hengqin
300 000 m²
3rd Prize