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BND Logistical Centre

As part of a relocation to Berlin, a new building was required for the German Foreign Intelligence Service (BND).

The Technology and Logistics Centre accommodates all the technical functions within this ensemble. It has an additional foyer and provides a communicative working environment for the employees. A part of the 4,000 employees access the rest of the site through this complex. Above the entrance is a parking garage and the vehicle fleet park with 600 parking spaces. The complex also has its own power supply centre and a large number of offices for the various fields of work.The logistics centre is divided into three significant parts to suit the various functions. These parts are connected to one another underground. The glazed foyer with the parking garage above faces the street. A four-storey service building lies to the south of the logistics centre. In the east, a corner building with an articulated plaster façades terminates the block along Chausseestrasse. All the above-ground building components stand on an exposed concrete plinth storey. Light-coloured metal façades on the upper storeys lend the logistics centre its functional character.

Berlin, DE
Bundesamt für Bauwesen und Raumordnung
44 150 m²
2. Preis