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For the growing research field of vehicle safety, the University of Technology Ingolstadt (THI) is to receive the new CARISSMA research and test centre (Centre for Automotive Research on Integrated Safety Systems and Measurement Area). The aim of the facility is to create a global safety system which provides an integrated link between existing safety functions and uses the bionic principle to simulate human senses in order to identify and avert risks from the surroundings. A suitable test facility consisting of a central research building, as well as a free test track with an outbuilding in the business park located 6 km away, will enable scientists to test their developments at an early stage and demonstrate their feasibility through a series of experiments and simulations. The primary planning area is located on the University campus on the outskirts of the Old Town. 

The 123 metre long building, harmonises with the overriding urban fabric along the historic fortress ring and is carefully positioned with its restrained building height between the glacis and the adjacent University building. With its high-quality materials and colours, the clearly structured copper façade- which within one to two years will be furnished with the typical patina- increasingly relates to the existing buildings and surrounding nature. Inside, the building combines the individual functional areas in a compact and efficient manner. The linear arrangement of the test beds and workshops along the universal test section creates the largest possible interface with the test area, thereby ensuring a particularly flexible work environment. Conference rooms, sanitary facilities and open office spaces are located on two floors in the southern part of the building. A glazed façade and central skylight provide a pleasant, light-filled room situation.

Sailer Stepan und Partner, PMI, Müller-BBM, elcon Elektrotechnik, Ingenieurbüro für Vermessungstechnik G+T Ziegler, Burkhardt | Engelmayer | Mendel Landschaftsarchitekten Stadtplaner, RFG Engineering, IABG Industrieanlagen-Betriebsgesellschaft, iPb – Ingenieurbüro Planung Blei

Staatliches Bauamt Ingolstadt
5 600 m²