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TU Munich Electrical Engineering and IT Faculty Building

The university and research centre in Garching is considered to be the largest research campus in Europe. The “campus in the green” is located to the north of Munich between the city centre and the airport. The masterplan “Science City Garching” from 2014 envisages massive expansion and is the basis for the new electrical engineering and information technology faculty building, which is relocating from the city centre to Garching. The rectangular construction site is surrounded on all sides by streets. The new building is the first extension of the TU Munich on the fields to the west of the floodplains. All neighbouring sites are still undeveloped.
The new faculty for electrical engineering and information technology on the western edge of the research campus consists of four buildings, which will be erected in two construction phases. The buildings surround a centrally located hall which accommodates two large auditoriums and offers space for conferences, events and exhibitions. The complex can be accessed from all directions and all teaching rooms are oriented towards this central point. It assumes the same function for the faculty for electrical engineering and information technology as the “Central Axis” assumes in the neighbouring mechanical engineering faculty - a place with commonly used functions which confer visibility to the identity of the faculty – in everyday encounters as well as with major events, exhibitions and festivities.
The high-voltage hall will have the function of a “lighthouse” for the new building. Five research units for employees and students will be erected in the first building phase. The workshops, test halls as well as clean and process rooms are located on the ground floor and can be supplied from the north and west. The halls and the clean rooms are oriented to the west. Laboratories, seminar rooms and offices, which are arranged in the upper floors around an inner courtyards and an atrium, are shared by several working groups.

Garching, DE
Staatliches Bauamt München 2
19 165 m²
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