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Merck Innovation Centre and Company Restaurant

The requirements of the global market call for a change in corporate culture, towards more innovative vigour, increased internationalization and greater agility. This requires long-term strategies which on the one hand determine clear regulations for the design and structure of future individual projects and on the other hand permit unforeseeable developments. The so-called masterplan, involving the construction of a modular and future innovation centre with an employee restaurant and the redevelopment of the Emanuel-Merck-Platz, is the response to this challenge. It determines the cornerstones for the structural development of the Merck Group headquarters for the coming decades and thus ensures the future orientation and security of the location. The intricate, detailed structure of the site, which has developed over a century, is divided into zones for research and development, production, support and access. The aim is to strengthen the perception of the individual business areas, to link complementary disciplines together, and to make it much easier for people to orientate themselves intuitively within the complex.

In the long-term, this is intended to produce a homogeneous appearance, whereby old and significant buildings, together with new structures, form a harmonious ensemble in which requirements are perfectly reflected. Interdisciplinary dialogue and social interaction are promoted by new communication zones and urban meeting places, which encourage informal, spontaneous gatherings of employees and permit cross-departmental exchanges of views and information. Appropriate building typologies also allow flexible use by more than one discipline.

The Frankfurter Straße is to be enhanced by the extension of a public square on a level with the Pützer Tower. With the new Square, a public forum is being developed as the centrepiece. The city area opens to both sides of the street and its urban development is defined at both outer edges by the new Innovation Centre and the “modular building”.

Merck KGaA
21 950 m²