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KfW Bank

Frankfurt, DE

The new building at Bockenheimer Landstraße forms part of the headquarters of the KfW Bank in Frankfurt’s West End. Located adjacent to the listed Villa Sondheimer from 1912, the building blends well into the urban neighbourhood and provides a spatially diverse working and learning environment for around 300 employees and their visitors. The building with its front end oriented towards Bockenheimer Landstraße is fitted into a narrow plot of land containing ancient trees. The Villa Adlerflycht was formerly located on the site. 

The height of the cubature of the new seven-storey, 24 metre high building, which is composed of different volumes, responds to the neighbouring construction. The staggered arrangement facilitates the development of roof terraces. Access to the new building is via a two-storey foyer, which extends beyond the security checking area to the cafeteria. Offices and meeting rooms are located on the floors above. The entrance is offset to the inside allowing an external pillar-supported lobby to emerge on a level with the foyer. The seamless polygonal supports consist of bright prefabricated architectural concrete. Due to its distinct cubature and through the use of high-grade Altenbürger limestone for the façade, the new building meets the owner’s requirements for representation. The monolithic building shell is sharply structured and has a deep façade with floor-to-ceiling windows. The beige-coloured natural stone cladding establishes a connection with the adjacent villa. The same stone is also used for the foyer flooring.

KfW Bankengruppe
10 640 m²