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Glazed Software Factory

The central theme for an IT company’s new office building in Karlsruhe is a "Glazed Software Factory". This is not only expressed in the external appearance of the new building but is also continued in the building structure and internal layout. Open, transparent spatial structures allow a varying range of office types, which combine areas for communication and concentration with one another to provide a bright and diverse working environment for customers and staff.

In terms of urban design, the building takes the elongated plot as its theme. Three interlocking and slightly offset volumes form numerous terraces and accentuate the main entrance on the north side of the site.

So as to ensure a high degree of flexibility, the building is designed to be divided into smaller units and rented, if required. Two main entrances, each with their own foyer, one for the main building user and one for future tenants, mean that building users are clearly separated as they enter the ground floor. Generous, transparent stairwells and open connecting bridges enable rapid orientation within the building and create a variety of visual relationships for views into and views out of the building.

The facade and external appearance of the building are defined by large format fixed window elements, which fan out slightly to the north and give some basic shade from the sun. The staggered arrangement of the opaque and transparent facade elements lends the building a subtle depth and allow it to change how it looks in the interplay of light and shadow.

12 500 m²