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BKK Health Insurance

The new administration building of Deutsche BKK is part of the new urban plan for the so-called North Head, where Porschestrasse, Heinrich-Nordhoff-Strasse and Bahnhofstrasse come together. This is located on the Schloss Wolfsburg/Porschestrasse connection axis leading through the automobile city across from the Phaeno. The location of the site influences the shape and the internal organisation of the new building. It is characterised by a communications-enhancing building structure, transparency and openness.

The administration building developed in a private-public partnership is designed as a circumferential double-element unit with a glass-covered atrium in the interior, which represents the communicative center of the building. The free-standing edifice was executed with surrounding glass facades in post-waling construction and is given by the projecting wing sections a pronounced horizontal structure. The ground floor set back from the main façade forms the base zone with the main access to the offices of Deutsche BKK and to shops and restaurants. The façade structure consists of a base unit with arcades and four regular floors. This building ends with a set-back mezzanine floor. The new building for Deutsche BKK represents a significant contribution to the development of the new urbane city quarter for commerce, services and accommodation at the North Head in Wolfsburg.

13 500 m²
1st Prize