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attocube systems Unternehmenssitz

Haar, DE

The company “attocube systems” was founded in 2001 and evolved from the “Center of Nano-Science” of the University of Munich. The microscopic devices developed by the company for the atto area are several times smaller than the nanoscale and are used in the research and industry fields. They are characterised by their extreme precision. The company attocube has been a part of Wittenstein Group since 2008 and today has 80 employees. Wittenstein Group is the owner of the new attocube headquarters. 

High precision and innovation also mark the planned new three-storey company headquarters. The trapezoidal site near to Munich is located close to an S-Bahn (suburban train) stop in the municipality of Haar. The main entrance opens up the front of the S-shaped building while the manufactory is located at the back. In the hybrid building, offices, research and development areas as well as the manufactory come together and are connected with each other by short distances. The single-storey manufactory has a greater room-height. The atria in the first and second floors are arranged opposite each other in staggered form, so that double-storey air spaces develop. The façade consists of three crimped bands with vertical metal elements which are arranged at different angles for more forceful opening and closing of the façade. They serve as sun protectors and give depth and rhythm to the view. The lamellae can be partly opened. A central atrium is located in the middle of the building and serves as the communicative heart of the company and its headquarters. 

The new building, which has been designed for 300 employees, sends a signal for the fast-growing technology company attocube systems, on the north side of Haar station.    

Sailer Stepan und Partner, ZWP Ingenieure, PMI, BS.M, IPb Blei
Wittenstein Immobilien
9 175 m²