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Deutsche Flugsicherung

From concentration to relaxation: The job of controlling air traffic demands the highest levels of concentration. It is therefore essential that the control room in which air traffic controllers work is not open to any distractions. At the same time, all relevant information must be able to flow unhindered inside the room and important occurrences registered without delay. To meet these requirements, the column-free, two-storey-high room is situated at the protected heart of the new building. From here outwards, the building is constructed in layers of technical rooms, offices and, as the outer shell, a corridor which runs along the facade and provides access to all sections of the floor. The metal partitions on the facade absorb the airport radar to prevent reflection interference by the building. 

Air traffic controllers are under obligation to take a break after two hours of work on screen. For this purpose, directly accessible, bright and spacious lounges and conference rooms are provided, along with a roof terrace for natural light and views of the surrounding area.

München, DE
Deutsche Flugsicherung
15 000 m²
1st Prize