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Fraunhofer Institute

Munich, DE

On the research campus in Garching, a research centre with up to six institutes will be built for the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. A superordinate master plan develops a forum for the scientific exchange of the research centre with the neighbouring natural science and engineering faculties of TU München. The master plan for the Fraunhofer institutes fits into this and formulates interdisciplinary interfaces within the planned ensemble of buildings as well.

The buildings are located on a central common area that serves as inside entranceway for pedestrian traffic and gives the site a characteristic structure. For the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied and Integrated Security (AISEC) und the “Electrochemical Energy Storage“ (ICT-GAR) project group, laboratory and office buildings will be realised in a first construction phase. The new building consists of two U-shaped components joined together to form a meander.

The two institutes have their own infrastructures enabling short distances between the researchers, but they share a foyer as well as seminar and conference rooms, cafeteria and library. The jointly used functions are housed in a building part that “clamps” the meander together and stands out with its façade design and construction volume. The common main entrance is here as well. To the west of the ICT building, there is a separate two-storey building where ICT-GAR performs long-term and explosive tests on batteries for safety reasons. The projections in the solid façade translate the processes on the inside in a sculptural image on the outside – large-format concrete panels are subtly displaced with respect to one another and thus break up the building’s large-scale dimensions.

Wetzel und von Seht, Climaplan, IGT, Latz +Partner, Müller-BBM, IPb Blei, dr. heinekamp
8 500 m²
VOF-Verfahren 2013, 1. Preis