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Buick Car Sales Pavilion

The automobile brand Buick is to be represented throughout the Chinese market in the form of modern sales pavilions. The dimensions of the prototype design, which originated in a competition 2011, can respond flexibly to different structural conditions and also comprises a design adaptation to the existing showrooms. The first pavilion in this series was built now in the eastern Chinese city of Suzhou.

Motion and dynamism are the leitmotif of the design concept, which is translated architecturally into traces and curves, representing the various functional areas of the building. Arranged one behind the other, the slight change in their alignment produces overlays and interfaces which link together the various fields of work - service, lounge, exhibition, office and workshop - and provide visual contact between the individual departments.

The arrangement of the exhibits is also in line with this principle. Aligned in turn in a gentle curve, each vehicle is visible at first glance, promoting the impression of movement and power. The premium car brands are located on the top floor, which runs like a dynamic band through the entire complex and produces the characteristic projection above the glass entrance area. In the interior, large air spaces are created which make the service and exhibition area on the ground floor bright and spacious.

Suzhou, CN
Shanghai General Motors
26 370 m²
1st Prize