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Porsche - Extension

In addition to the Cayenne, Porsche has commenced production of the Panamera four-seater sports coupe at its Leipzig plant in 2009. Increased manufacturing capacity and a desire for greater vertical integration of production for the new vehicles required substantial new building measures. Production floors with tray and overhead conveyor assembly lines, a fully automatic body storage, a supply and logistics centre and storage space for finished vehicles were provided in an extension that was designed and constructed over an extremely short time period.

East of the production building is a new pilot and analysis centre with areas for auditing, preproduction and vehicle individualization. The new development allows the intelligent integration of sub- and final assembly of two different vehicle series to take place under one roof. A separate building extends the present integration centre and its uses, whilst allowing production to be restructured. The building also accommodates the casino of the Porsche catering services, freeing up previously occupied space for enlarged offices. The two buildings that form the integration centre enclose a protected, shared open space. The outer skin of the new buildings is principally silver grey coated aluminum panels and is in keeping with the sports car maker’s corporate image.

Sailer Stepan und Partner (Structural engineering), Fact (MEP), Halfkann+Kirchner (Fire protection), Jühling & Partner (Landscape architecture), PMI (Building physics)

Leipzig, DE
Porsche AG