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Nestlé Coffee Factory

Schwerin, DE

The new factory of the Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee brand will be situated in the logistically favourable location of the Schwerin industrial park. Factory production comprises of roasting green coffee, grinding, filling into capsules and packaging. The complex consists of an administration and production building which are connected together by a central corridor. This organisational axis provides the entire access to and alignment of the production lines.

The two-storey entrance hall is the point of entry for all employees and the interface between the administration, workshop, changing rooms, canteen and production areas. In order to create an appropriate design for the distribution of the building volumes between production and administration, the three functional units of the administration building have been joined together within a framework, thereby forming - in spite of the physical incisions and the distinctive design of the façade - a planned unit. The adjacent expandable production area has been consistently developed from the production processes. All processing sections - from roasting to packaging - are arranged one behind the other at right angles to the main corridor and are enclosed by the horizontally staggered envelope of the building. A continuous facade banner with external weather protection made of industrial glass keeps the shape of the building together and symbolises the clean aspect of the food production.

Krebs und Kiefer, Fact, Stefanie Jühling, WPW Ingenieure
Nestlé Gemini
54 000 m²