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Knorr-Bremse Development Centre

Munich, DE

The development centre stands in the northern part of the Knorr-Bremse site in Munich, home of the leading manufacturer of braking systems for rail and commercial vehicles. Highly complex braking systems are developed and tested in the engineering building. Close working relationships between the various experts and short communication routes between the development office and the testing facilities are crucial to the success of these activities. Components for rail and commercial vehicles are put through their paces on test benches, right there on site, under real conditions and in real time: engineers test braking systems in climate chambers under extreme temperature conditions between -70 and +80 °C.
A main axis provides the spatial link between research, development, testing and workshops. On entry, the visitor’s gaze is drawn through the whole depth of the building. The test benches and workshops are on the ground, basement and first floors. On the two upper storeys are offices and conference rooms for developers and engineers. A central atrium provides a space for communicating and informal meetings, which allows for easier interaction and cooperation between the experts and fosters innovation.
The high ground floor plinth is clad with a metal facade made from perforated panels, while the floors above have glass facades and textile solar shades behind which are continuous escape and rescue balconies also providing access for cleaning and maintenance. All four facades have identical designs. The entrances are offset in white.

bwp Burggraf + Reiminger, GFI Gesellschaft für Ingenieurplanung, PMI, Mahl Gebhard Konzepte
17 485 m²