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Mid Town High-rise Residences

The Mid Town Highrise Residences are an ensemble of six towers which reach a height of up to 240 metres in the centre of the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen. Five of these high-rises are purely residential buildings, including an apartment house, while the highest tower, which is located on the busy Shennan Road, is taken up by office space, a hotel and apartments. Its delicate, vertically structured façade distinguishes it from the residential buildings.

Four of the high-rise residential buildings at Xiangmi Park are surrounded by a garden landscape with a wide variety of plants. Due to its elevated position and ring-shaped plinth, the private park is completely shielded from the street. Sun-protected courtyards, terraces and water expanses make this a place for relaxation and neighbourly get-togethers.The staggered arrangement allows an unobstructed view of Xiangmi Park from all the apartments. Nature is brought to the upper floors by means of vertical façade gardens which merge at different levels into open collectively owned areas. In interaction with the vegetation, the overhanging balconies and deep loggias provide natural shade. 

Shenzhen, CN
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