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A new building is planned for the workshops and resources store of the Hamburg State Opera on the site of the former rail freight station Rothenburgsort. The site, known as “Hucke-packbahnhof” or piggyback station, is to be developed into a new vibrant quarter for commercial and artistic use.

A construction area between the intended east-west thoroughfare and the bend of the northern railway track is planned for the resources store. The depth of the building site declines steadily during its course. The draft concept envisages six hall constructions in rows of equal width and decreasing length in an offset arrangement, thus reflecting the contours of the site. The recesses formed as a result of this arrangement are used at the back for goods delivery. An unfolded display window front on the thoroughfare gives an insight into the fascinating world of opera house activities. Offices and social rooms are also located behind window bands.

The halls themselves are interconnected and contain storerooms and workshops. The extensive façades appear as uniform grey clinker brick surfaces and provide the setting for the raw charm of the newly emerging quarter with its diverse trades.

The staggered façades bring to mind the opera backstage area. Viewed eastward, the continuous reduction in both the length and the height of the halls creates a perspective effect familiar to the stage, in which the building appears to expand.

Innius Dö GmbH, Krone Ingenieure

Hamburg, DE
Sprinkenhof AG
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