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Design Research Exchange

The Design Research Exchange (DRX) is a residency programme for researchers hosted by HENN.

The Design Research Exchange (DRX) provides an open platform to unite experts from various fields. By exploring architectural topics of shared interest, the DRX promotes multi-disciplinary discussion between academics and professionals. We envision the DRX as an ideal environment for the advancement of fresh ideas and fertile ground for experimentation. The DRX is a powerful tool for examining and advancing architectural techniques and methods, testing new technologies and materials, and informing our future built environment.

Initiated by Moritz Fleischmann and Martin Henn, the DRX is a non-profit residency program for researchers. The topic of investigation for each DRX event is selected by the DRX organizers for its contemporary relevance and novelty within the discipline. Throughout the DRX, the invited experts present key public lectures and provide critical feedback and guidance during the event. While working in small teams on the appointed topic, researchers have opportunities to join ongoing discussions, meetings, workshops, and lectures while gaining insight into ongoing HENN projects. Internal expertise, IT infrastructure, facilities, and materials for experimentation is provided by HENN for all DRX functions.

Prof. Moritz Fleischmann is an architect and since 2011 he is responsible for the DRX. In addition he was Head of Research at HENN between 2011 and 2015. He studied architecture at the RWTH AACHEN and the ETH in Zürich and received his Diploma with honors (Dipl.-Ing.) from the RWTH in 2004. He continued his Master of Architecture (M.Arch.) at the "Emergent Technologies and Design" group at the Architectural Association (AA) in London before joining the Institute for Computational Design (ICD) of Prof. Achim Menges in Stuttgart as an academic assistant and researcher. Since 2013 he teaches in Düsseldorf where he was called as an professor for Architekturinformatik in 2014. He has published and lectured widely and continues his research into appropriate means of computational design strategies in the context of architectural practice..

Link: Peter Behrens School of Art (University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf)

Martin Henn studied architecture at the University of Stuttgart and at the ETH, Zurich. He received his Master’s Degree in Architecture from the ETH, Zurich in 2006, and his Post-Professional Master of Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University, New York in 2008. Prior to HENN, he was working for Zaha Hadid Architects inLondon and Asymptote Architecture in New York. Martin Henn is Head of Design at HENN and partner since 2012.

Moritz Fleischmann
Prof. Dipl.-Ing. & M.Arch. (AA)

Martin Henn
Dipl.-Arch. ETH & M.S. AAD