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A triangular site in the southeast of Munich, in the middle of heavy flowing traffic, will be the new location for the boarding house. Two high points emerge from a plinth, which elevates the complex above the traffic – a unique feature in this quarter of Neuperlach. The ground floor zone with commercial premises, cafe and entrance area opens up onto the forecourt and enters into a dialogue with its neighbours, accommodating flows of people from different directions. The two towers with compact, economic floor plans provide space for approx. 600 apartments. Diverse standard, special and gallery apartments are distributed throughout the building volume and communicate a homelike feeling to the inhabitants, despite the temporary nature of their stay. The design is based on the definition of a module which, through juxtaposition, lends a feeling of lightness to the building due to the varied balcony geometries and green visual protection. The gallery apartments on the 7th and 15th floors create a horizontal break or a vertical closure in the façade, culminating in a shared terrace with a panoramic view of the Alps.

Munich, DE
Stadtwerke München GmbH / SWI Schimpel & Winter Projektbau GmbH
31 511 m²
2nd Prize