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Smart Valley

The Smart Valley Zone is part of a new development within the Suzhou National New & High Tech Industrial Development Zone northwest of Suzhou. The project is dedicated towards sustainable development and integrating modern service industry of science research & development with residence and commercial support facilities. Respecting the natural resources of the mountainous region – the site is located in a valley bottom east of Wulong Mountain – the design of the open space follows the shape of the landscape. Smart Valley fits ecologically in the environment and harmoniously blends with nature and is thus a unique location for R & D and innovation.

Plots A, B and C are designed for research and development and office use. Each of these plots includes four-storey R & D buildings and a ten-storey office building with a teahouse or clubhouse in its courtyard. The commercial and public area is located on plot D. It includes a 15-storey office tower with dining, supporting facilities and a canteen. Further planning includes a nine-storey building with a meeting centre and a first-class banquet hall. Each of the four plots comprises basement parking and delivery areas. The plots are linked by a continuous landscape with different theme gardens including a waterfront and city plaza in the commercial space of plot D. 

CREDISZ China Railway Engineering Design Institute
Suzhou, CN
Suzhou Hightech Software Park
285 200 m²
1st Prize