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DYNAMIC SPATIAL CONTINUUM: HENN wins the international competition for the new Continental AG main company offices in Hanover, DE

07.06.2017 - The new company headquarters of Continental consolidates all the facilities formerly spread across the city in one location, simultaneously marking the eastern approach to Hanover, the capital of Lower Saxony. The site, which is organised into a northern and a southern construction segment, encompasses a campus-like freestanding development, consisting of individual buildings connected to each other via bridges.

The central element of the design idea is the “Loop”, which symbolically embodies the power of communication and cooperation. As a space providing ubiquitous accessibility and interactions, the development can be experienced both from inside and from outside. It provides a wide array of spaces for meetings, conferences, cafeterias and informal workstations, and opens up scope for creativity and knowledge exchanges. The “Loop” is a dynamic spatial continuum, bringing all the staff together in a horizontal hierarchy and intermeshing the individual departments with each other.

In the words of Dr Elmar Degenhart, the Chairman of the Executive Board, “The design by the HENN office outstandingly architecturally symbolises and promotes Continental’s innovation and networking culture.”

The start of construction is scheduled for April 2018. The relocation of the staff is to be completed by 2021 within the framework of the company’s 150th jubilee.